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        Nano Metal
        Nano Oxide
        Rare earth Oxide
        Nano Carbide
        Nano Nitride
        Nano Boride
        Nano Sulfide
        Nano Silicide
        Nano Hydride

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      ??????? Shanghai st-nano science and technology Co.,Ltd is a collection of scientific research, production, sales in the integration of professional nano product supplier. from the undertaking beginning then insisted that concentrates in the material profession and the nano-meter specialized development. main production, management: nano metal Powder, nano oxide powder, nano carbide powder, nano nitride powder, special function powder and so on.our company devotes to the nanometer material field and focused on R&D input of continuous, now has a long engaged in research and development, ?technology application research team,has the high, medium and primary title of technical staff of more than 80 percent of the total employees.adhere to science and technology development, production and application, to combine new product development and improve the level of product quality and control technology, makes the enterprise product variety, ?quality and develop continuously. Our company has developed brand products in domestic and overseas nanometer has enjoyed a high reputation in the market, and has become the leading product nanometer within the industry in China to satisfy customers, enterprise also actively carry out international marketing strategy, and develop international market......

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      | Sales |: Quotation and New Products (021-24281769? 18964991769).
      | Tech |: PSA(Particle Size Analysis) COA(Certificate of Analysis) XRD(X-ray Diffraction Analysis) MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet) (021-24281778).
      | Service |: Any other assistance (021-24281769? 021-24281778).
      E-mail: Sales | Tech | Service

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